Israel in Egypt – Just in Time for Passover

Handel at its Best at the Opera

Israel in Egypt – sounds like a headline from a 1967 newspaper.
Israel in Egypt – could have been the headline in a newspaper many centuries ago as the children of Jacob headed towards Egypt in search of food.
Israel in Egypt – can maybe sound a little provocative headline in this day and age.
Israel in Egypt – an oratorio by Handel. A great musical work that comes to the stage of the Israeli Opera on April 11.

David Stern, the Israeli Opera's music director, leads the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra IBA and Israeli soloists and choirs in a performance of Handel's unique masterpiece depicting the story of the Exodus from Egypt including the 10 plagues and the parting of the Red Sea.

George Friedrich Handel, the German composer who found his real home in England, has written numerous oratorios based on great biblical epic tales such as Joshua, Solomon, Saul, Esther and many more. Israel in Egypt is one of the most popular and for a reason – it is full with great choruses and beautiful arias.

Handel - Israel in Egypt, April 11 at Opera House of the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

The concert will also be performed April 7 at the Henry Crown Symphony Hall in Jerusalem

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