Pregardien sings Schubert with an Accordion at the Opera

All lieder lovers have heard Schubert's Winterreise (A Winter's Journey) many times. Each knows exactly how he likes this captivating 24 song cycle to be performed. Each has his favorite singer and favorite pianist for this intriguing psychological journey into the soul of a man who is rejected by his lover.
But have you ever heard this song cycle performed with an accordion?
Well now is your chance.

Renowned German tenor Christoph Pregardien, one of the leading Schubert singing experts in the world today, will perform the cycle in a special chamber music version accompanied by the Canadian ensemble Pentaedre (woodwind quintet) and accordionist Joseph Petric. This special arrangement was created by Normand Forget, the music director and oboist of the ensemble.

Winterreise, 24 songs written by German poet Wilhelm Muller (1794-1827) is the story of a man who, after a love affair ends, finds himself alone. He has no future, and his past charged with promises and memories breaks his heart. He embarks on a lengthy winter journey through his own memories, trying to come to terms with the now lost joys of his past and a future that has nothing to console him aside of the possible thought of death. In this version the songs are performed in Muller's order and not in the one lieder lovers are used to in which Schubert rearranged them. 

"The often pungent sound and expressive combined timbral effects of these instruments enhances the texts and moods while very nicely complementing the voice… After the final bar we're moved by the plaintive, lingering instrumental utterance, as well as by the uncertainty of the singer's fate; despair hangs in the air." (

The concerts will take place on Saturday morning March 19 (11:00) at Opera House of the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center and on March 21 (20:30) at the YMCA Auditorium in Jerusalem.

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