Jerusalem Countdown

Verdi's Jerusalem in Jerusalem

Aida at the Pyramids
Tosca in Rome
Turandot at the Forbidden City of Beijing

And now on June 6, 2011
Jerusalem in Jerusalem

The Israeli Opera presents a special semi staged concert version (with spectacular lighting) of Verdi's French Opera, Jerusalem, at the Sultan Pool of Jerusalem, facing the majestic walls of the old city of Jerusalem.
Verdi's Jerusalem follows the Crusaders who set marching from France to the Holy Land in order to free Jerusalem from its Muslim inhabitants. After parking on their way in Ramle, the Crusaders arrive in Jerusalem and park their forces outside the walls of the city, preparing to march forward and conquer the city.
Jerusalem is a somewhat altered and different French version of Verdi's earlier opera, I Lombardi. It was written for Paris where it was premiered, yet it is an opera that is only seldom performed in our times.
Now as part of the international opera festival at Masada, The Dead Sea and Jerusalem, the Israeli Opera offers the Israeli premiere of this opera with the audience sitting at a locale similar to where the Crusaders themselves parked before attacking the city.
David Stern, the music director of the Israeli Opera, leads international opera soloists, the Israeli Opera Chorus and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, IBA, in this one time event – Jerusalem in Jerusalem!

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