Masada Countdown

June 2011.

Daniel Oren will be there. Walking slowly towards the podium in the magical theatre under the stars by Mt. Masada. A canopy of natural shining stars will provide the perfect lighting. The spectacular lighting of designer Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi) will help create a magical atmosphere. And for three and a half hours the Judean desert will transform itself into an Egyptian one. Aida near Masada – who could ask for anything more?
A stellar international cast featuring, among others, Micaela Carosi and Marco Berti, will be on had to sing Verdi's powerful and rich drama about the Ethiopian princess who is a slave at the Egyptian court and who falls in love with the Egyptian army commander who is loved by none other than the Egyptian princess and heir to the throne.
Verdi – Aida – Masada – Daniel Oren!
The classical event of the year in Israel and abroad as part of a 10 days festival that also features performances in Jerusalem.
Do not miss this event!
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The Masada, Dead Sea and Jerusalem Opera Festival website

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