The Project

Contemporary Israeli Dance at the Opera

They move without stop. They sweat all day long. They are young. They are enthusiastic. They have positive energies and above all they are eager to dance their heart out!
Meet the dozen members of the Project – Israeli dancers who are now rehearsing towards the premiere of an evening of a contemporary international repertory dance program.

Light Years by Jacopo Godani
Super Nova by Marco Goecke
Through the Center by Emanuel Gat

The artistic director of the Project is Mate Moray, a former dancer of the Israeli Ballet, who choreographs and teaches in Israel and abroad.
The project is a new venture of the Israeli Opera and the Suzanne Dellal Center, which aims at presenting international contemporary repertory dance on a regular base in Israel.

Three very individual dance works from various styles. Energetic, exciting contemporary dance that focuses on the refined aesthetics and technique of classical ballet.

And this is what the press had to say about the performance:

A Utilization of Abilities

“The Project” provided an exceptional dance experience and the dancers brought to the stage a very impressive execution

The Project is a joint collaboration of the Suzanne Dellal Centre, run by Yair Vardi and the The Israeli Opera, under the general direction of Hanna Munitz.

… The common element of all pieces featured in this program is the way in which strong classical ballet technique is combined by modern dance.

…According to the founders of this project, the idea behind this endeavor is to allow Israeli dancers a platform for alternative and personal expression, by working alongside international and Israeli artists. This is an exceptional platform in Israel, as up until now dancers where only able to work in established dance companies or ensembles working with one particular choreographer. And indeed, the evening provided a different dance experience from what is usually to be found in the Israeli dance landscape. The dancers, who according to the program, were trained by the best teachers from Israel and abroad and who worked with fascinating choreographers, brought to the stage an impressive level of execution and professionalism.

… In “Through the Center” by Emanuel Gat, Gat’s personal language comes into light, a language that has progressed through the influence of European dance. 

… The second piece was "Light Years", a world premiere by Jacopo Godani. In this piece as well, the language used takes full advantage of the classical technique and yet the dance remains personal, the abstract movement stretches the body to its limit, in superb costumes and an interesting use of neon lights.

…The third piece – “Supernova” by German choreographer Marco Goecke, also focuses on the body and its musical and physical abilities and like its predecessors, does all of this without playing up for the audience and bringing the dancers to a full utilization of their abilities.

…The pieces were led by the wonderful dancer Oryan Yohannan, who along with her fellow dancers exhibited impressive and versatile dance technique.

Shelly Klinger Yoseph, Globes, December 6, 2010

The Crabs’ Love Dance

The pleasure in watching “The Project – Contemporary Dance Repertoire” resurrected the hope that one day there will be a contemporary repertoire dance group in Israel

“The Project – Contemporary Dance Repertoire” is a welcomed initiative by the Suzanne Dellal Centre and the Israeli Opera that bread an exquisite, diverse and extraordinary program. We can only hope that this is the beginning of a contemporary repertoire dance group, which is currently missing from the landscape of the Israeli dance scene. For “The Project” twelve Israeli dancers were assembled, many of whom have danced in well known overseas ensembles. They brought to the stage, a wonderful performance level and a “European” sense of meticulousness, together with Israeli energy. It is clear to see that the dancers master the technique of classical ballet as well as the quality of modern dancers.

…”Through the Center” by Emanuel Gat… reflects his artistic voice which can be described as a kaleidoscope of constant movement. The construction and deconstruction of the dancers structures, the rich fabric of layered interactions, usually during a movement forward on stage while frequently changing directions, all of these creating a richness of detail.

…Another terrific piece created especially for this project was “Light Years” by Godani. While Gat’s opus is that of restraint, Godani’s work is of fiery energy, of dancers boiling with lava… blocks of dancers moving in carnal energy, in extravagant motions which want to swallow everything standing in its way. And there are also some beautiful solo moments it this piece as well.

… Marko Goecke’s “Supernova” belongs to the small collection of current humoristic dances… In one of the moments a duo is dancing close together looking as if they are crabs mating… Suddenly the energy is taken from the body and they seem to be floating elastically on water… The material is intriguing, refreshing and delightful.

…An evening of complete delight!

Ruth Eshel, “Ha’aretz”, December 2, 2010

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