Welcome to the first English Newsletter Of the Israeli Opera

The Israeli Opera welcomes all English speaking Israelis and opera lovers from all over the world to its monthly newsletter in English.
This will be an opportunity for us to tell you about the exciting programs at the Israeli Opera, focus on the national and international artists who perform at the Opera and provide you with an insight to the daily activities of our company.
The Israeli Opera presents an annual opera season at the state of the art Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center including the international open air opera festival in Masada and Jerusalem as well as opera performances throughout Israel.
The Israeli Opera also presents dance, jazz, world music, classical music and other subscription series and special events.
We would appreciate your comments about our newsletter as well as about our website, which is in both in Hebrew and in English.
Please ask whatever you want to know about the Israeli Opera and we will be more than happy to satisfy your curiosity.

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