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Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal



Les chambres des Jacques, Locked Up Laura, Zip Zap Zoom

Choreographers: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa (Locked Up Laura, Zip Zap Zoom) and Aszure Barton (Les chambres des Jacques)

An exciting dance opus that focuses on the search for real emotions within the competitive world of electronic music and virtual internet games, and two other works by leading Canadian choreographers.

Further Details:
Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal's site


Sun 5.6.11 (21:00), Mon 6.6.11 (21:00), Tues 7.6.11 (13:00)

Ticket Prices:
 149/186/239/269/299 Nis

price: 149/186/239/269/299 Nis₪
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