Gioacchino Rossini

    The beloved fairytale about Cinderella who rises from the cinders to become a beautiful princess in spite of the fact that her two ugly step sisters will do anything in their power to destroy her. In Rossini's operatic version there is no fairy godmother but there is a charming magician who helps Cinderella win the love of her prince charming. 

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    Original Director Niv Hoffman
    Director Shirit Lee Weiss
    Hebrew Translation       David Sebba
    Cinderella Shahar Lavi  
    Prince Ramiro    Gitai Fisher    
    Dandini Yair Polishook Anton Alexeev  Yoav Weiss
    The Mother    Nitzan Yogev-Alon        
    Alidoro Or Ben Natan    
    Clorinda Nofar Yaccobi  Galina Khlyzova      Tali Ketzef
    Tisbe Efrat Vulfsons  Hanna Bardos  

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