The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Hebrew translation: Ehud Manor

Papageno the bird catcher embarks on a perilous journey to find princess Pamina and return her to prince Tamino who lovers her and waits for her. On his journey he will encounter the Queen of the Night and her three ladies and at the end of the day will also find love. Mozart's beloved opera in a special version for the entire family with colorful costumes.

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Original Director          Niv Hoffman
Director  Shirit Lee Weiss

Pamina      Shiri Hershkovitz
Daniela Skorka
Tamino Eitan Drori
Liran Kopel
Oshri Segev
Papageno Oded Reich
Yair Goren
Queen of the Night            Avigail Gurtler
Lilia Gretsova
First Lady Yael Sayag
Hadar Iticovici
Second Lady Anat Czarny
Na'ama Goldman
Third Lady Shay Bloch
Limor Ilan
 Papagena Hadar Atari
Shiri Hershkovitz

TUE 25.2.14 17:00
SUN 16.3.14 10:30
16.3.14 12:30
TUE 1.4.14 17:00
THU 17.4.14 10:30
17.4.14 12:30
THU 22.5.14 17:00
TUE 24.6.14 17:00

Ticket Price: 30 Nis

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Photos: Yossi Zwecker        

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