Tel-Aviv Dance 2009


The international Tel Aviv Dance 2009 presents 14 dance companies from 10 different states including china, Japan, Spain, France, Korea, Australia, USA and Israel.


The Performances:

The Netherlands, Last touch first.

16-17.10.09, Suzanne Dellal.

China, My dream.

17-18.10.09, The Opera house.

Spain, Cisnes negros.

19-20.10.09, Suzanne Dellal.

China, Beijing modern dance company.

22-23.10.09, Suzanne Dellal.

Taiwan, Shang Chi - Sun.

24-25.10.09, Suzanne Dellal.

Israel, Batsheva - Hora.

27.10.09, Suzanne Dellal.

Usa, Hubbard street dance.

28-31.10.09, The Opera house.

Australia, Construct.

29-31.10.09, Suzanne Dellal.

Israel, Batsheva - Mamootot.

31.10.09, 1-4.11.09, Suzanne Dellal.

France, The Rite of spring.

2-3.11.09, Suzanne Dellal.

Spain, Ballet nacional de espana.

3-7.11.09, The Opera house.

Korea, Three choreographers.

5.11.09, Suzanne Dellal.

Silvia Duran, Andalucia lejana.

7.11.09, Suzanne Dellal.

Israel, Barak Marshel - Rooster.

12-13.11.09, The Opera house.


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