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    Ballet Nacional de Espana



    Director: Jose Antonio

    La leyenda (The Legend)
    Aires de Villa y Corte

    Choreographer: Jose Antonio

    Music: Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Juan Requena, Rafael Marinelli, Jose Nieto

    Jose Antonio leads the renowned Ballet Nactional de Espana in a homage to the dance and musical heritage of Spain in a program enriched with colorful costumes, vivid dancing and spellbinding flamenco and classical Spanish music.


    Tue 3.11.09 (20:00), Wed 4.11.09 (20:00), Thurs 5.11.09 (20:00), Fri 6.11.09 (13:00),
    Sat 7.11.09 (21:00) 

    Ticket Prices: 159/199/259/299/339  Nis

    Tel Aviv Dance Festival


    "The Ballet Nactional de Espana's performance has strength precision, grace and charisma." (La Nacion)

    price: 149, 186, 239, 269, 299₪
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