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    Betrothal in a Monastery

    Sergei Prokofiev


    Libretto: The composer and Mira Mendelson after the play The Duenna by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

    First Performance: November 3, 1946, Kirov Theatre, Russia

    First Peformance at the Israeli Opera: May 7, 2010

    Conductor           Wolf Gorelik
    Directors Alexander Titel
    Ludmila Naletova
    Set Designer Vladimir Arefiev
    Lighting Designer Ildar Bederdinov




    Don Jerome Vyacheslav Voynarovskiy
    Valery Mikitskiy
    Don Ferdinand Ilya Pavlov
    Dmitry Zuev
    Luisa Evgenia Afanasieva
    Mariya Pakhar
    The Duenna Elena Manistina
    Irina Chistyakova
    Don Antonio Aleksey Dolgov
    Sergey Balashov 
    Chingis Ayusheev
    Clara d’Almanza Irina Vashchenko
    Natalia Vladimirskaya
    Mendoza Dimitri Stepanovich
    Roman Ulybin
    Don Carlos Evgeny Polikanin
    Padre Augustin Denis Makarov
    Dimitri Stepanovich
    Father Elustaf Oganes Georgiyan
    Father Charteuse Dmitry Zuev
    Ilya Pavlov
    Vyacheslav Kirilyuk
    Father Benedictine Dmitry Stephanovich
    Denis Makarov
    Felix Kudryavtsev
    Lauretta Olga Lutsiv-Ternovskaya
    Evgenia Afansieva
    Lopez Victor Moiseykin
    First Masker Chingis Ayusheev
    Grigory Somov
    Second Masker Ilya Pavlov
    Dmitry Zuev
    Vyacheslav Kirilyuk
    Konstantin Simonov
    Third Masker Denis Makarov
    Felix Kudryavtsev
    Maxim Osokin
    Two Lay Brothers Chingis Ayusheev
    Maxim Osokin
    Grigory Somov
    Denis Makarov
    Felix Kudryavtsev


    The Opera Orchestra - The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion

    Chorus of the Stanislavski Opera from Moscow
    Chorus Master: Lykov Stanislav
    Sung in Russian
    Surtitles in English and Hebrew
    Surtitles: Israel Ouval

    Length of performance: approx. two hours and 40 minutes

    Mistaken identities in an opera about young lovers who eventually succeed in celebrating true love. The debut performances in Israel of the Stanislavski Opera from Moscow. 


    Further reading:

    The Composer on his Work


    Fri 7.5.10 (13:00), Sat 8.5.10 (20:30), Mon 10.5.10 (20:00), Tues 11.5.10 (20:00)

    Wed 12.5.10 (20:00), Thurs 13.5.10 (20:00), Fri 14.5.10 (13:00)

    Ticket Prices: 175/237/304/378/428 Nis
    *15 Nis more for Saturday night performances

    Towards Opening: Sat 8.5.10 (11:00)

    Ticket Price: 70 Nis

    Before the show back stage tours: Sat 8.5 (19:00), Tues 11.5 (19:00), Wed 12.5 (19:00)

    Ticket Price: 25 Nis

    Opera TalkbackFri 7.5, Tues 11.5, Wed 12.5


    "The singing is superb throughout, vocally ravishing, and full of variety, character, and expression. The orchestra and chorus are first rate." (The Russian Journal) 


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