Classic Rock | The Revolution Orchestra with Yehonatan Gefen


Yehonatan Gefen, the artist who succeeds for over three decades to say in his very unique and at times scorching language yet always sensitive sincerity what we all think yet do not dare to say returns to the stage – yet this time with an orchestra. This performance is a combination of satire and some of Gefen's unforgettable classical songs performed by some of Israel's leading singers including Asaf Amdurski, Efrat Ben-Tsur, Sivan Talmor, Noam Rotem and others.Gefen himself will take part in two new works for poet and orchestra that are being written especially for this performance.

Artistic and music direction:
Zohar Sharon and Roy Oppenheim
Conductor: Roy Oppenheim

TUE 29.7.14, 21:00

Ticket price:
175, 155, 135 NIS

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