Langer Rami, conductor

Born in Jerusalem, Rami Langer studied composition and music theory with Israeli composer Sergiu Natra. He graduated from the Petach Tikva Conservatory as a pianist and accomplished his conducting classes at the Music Academy in Vienna under the auspices of Professor Karl Osterreicher, continuing his piano studies with Professor Carmen Graf-Adnet.
His childhood was mostly influenced by his father, who having been a student of KS Emanuel List in Vienna and KS Hermann Jadlowker in former Palestina, gave him a profound operatic education. After completing his studies, he enjoyed an exceptional education at the Vienna Staatsoper, where as music assistant he participated in many productions. Rami Langer dedicated himself ever since to liturgical music and thus in 1997 he first collaborated with world renowned baritone Hermann Prey on Franz Schubert’s Psalms 92 Tov Lehodot. In the same year he founded the Kantoralensemble Wien, whose main aim is to musically fuse the style of chief cantor Salomon Sulzer with his great example Franz Schubert.


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