Limburger Domsingknaben

The choir was inaugurated in 1967 by the bishop Dr. Wilhelm Kempf. The choir comprises around 50 singers aged 4 – 20 chosen from about 140 singers who study and perform within the overall organization of the choir which includes several preparatory choirs. The major work of the choir is to perform the liturgical repertoire during church services taking place at the Limburg Dom. The choir also tours regularly and has performed in England, Ireland, France, Italy, Malta, Finland, Turkey, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, the USA and Israel. The choir's repertoire includes numerous masses, motets and oratorios from Palestrina and Orlando di Lasso through Bach and Mendelssohn to Bruckner and numerous contemporary composers. The music director of the choir is Klaus Knubben.      
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