Back Stage Tours

The Opera House at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center invites you to a tour behind the scenes. Come and explore the world of opera and join us for a guided tour behind the scenes at the wardrobe store, the workshops, the foyer and the auditorium. The tour offers extensive information about the opera house architecture, design and activities. The tour ends with some musical delights and an opportunity to meet a young opera singer.

Tours are for groups only and should be organized in advance.
Please call: +972-3-6927863

An hour before the curtain rises

The singers are in the make-up room, the orchestra musicians tune their instruments in the pit, props are placed on stage, costumes are brought to the dressing rooms, the lights are dimmed and the air is full of excitement…
The Israeli Opera invites you to a tour behind the scenes. Come and visit the back stage and stage areas and take a glimpse at the last minute preparations before the curtain rises.

Three tours are planned for each production and start about 75 minutes before the performance.

Tickets cost 25 NIS and should be reserved at the box office: +972-3-6927777
The tour lasts ca. 30 minutes. The number of participants is limited, therefore please reserve your tickets in advance.

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