The 2012-13 Season at the Israeli Opera
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The Opera House – Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center
is now offering subscriptions to its various opera, dance and music series.

The 2012-13 Season at the Israeli Opera
7 captivating productions of the greatest operas of all time.
A subscription includes 3 set operas as well as 2-5 operas of your choice.
Purchase a subscription by returning the order form below to fax number 03-6927733, or by mail to: Subscription Department, The Israeli Opera, POB 3321, 61332 Tel Aviv.

3 set operas in new productions:
• Luisa Miller   by Giuseppe Verdi
• Boris Godunov by Modest Mussorgsky
• Otello by Giuseppe Verdi

Operas of your choice:
• Wozzeck by Alban Berg, from the repertoire
• The Turn of the Screw   by Benjamin Britten, new production
• La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi
• Yevgeny Onegin by Tchaikovsky, tour performance of Moscow's Bolshoi Opera


* Subscriptions are available for 5-8 operas.

* The prices in the chart do not include the cost of tickets for Turandot at Masada. Payment for Turandot will be collected directly by the Bimot ticket agency when seating is assigned.

** Subscribers who purchase 4 operas + Turandot at Masada and who later decide not to attend Turandot will have to purchase another opera from the list of available choices.

Dance at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center
2012-13 Dance Series

9 dance companies from all over the world in 10 diverse shows for one subscription – 3 set programs and 1-7 performances of your choice

3 set dance performances:
• TeZukA, Sadler’s Wells of London
• La traviata – the ballet, Iñaki Urlezaga Ballet Concierto
• Premieres of works by Itzik Galili, the Israel Ballet

Dance performances of your choice:
• The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in 2 programs
• Rock the Ballet!, The Bad Boys of Dance
• Mix, The Deborah Colker Dance Company
• Dance Theatre of Harlem
• Haze, The Beijing Dance Theater
• Rodin, Boris Eifman Ballet


* If exchanging Israel Ballet tickets for another show, the subscriber will be billed a proportional extra charge.

** Subscribers choosing Boris Eifman and/or Alvin Ailey must add another NIS 35 to the prices appearing in the chart per performance.

***In the column of 10 shows the additional charges have already been included in the price.

2012-13 Music Series

The Liturgical Series – 4 concerts
The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Israel Broadcasting Authority presents favorite liturgical works with conductors, soloists and choirs from Israel and abroad, including Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis, Mozart’s Requiem, Shostakovich’s Babi Yar, and Dvořák’s Stabat Mater.

Classic Rock – 3 concerts
Leading Israeli artists perform the best of their hits in classical arrangements and with an orchestra. Ivri Lider, Rami Fortis and Avraham Tal will sing their greatest hits in new and intriguing forms.

Jazz at the Center – 3 concerts
Friday night concerts turn jazz into a classical experience: Puerto Rican saxophonist Miguel Zenón performs his jazz arrangements of Puerto Rican classics; a gripping encounter between Sasha Argov’s enchanted melodies and one of the great jazz pianists, Steve Kuhn, with a trio and strings; Anat Fort hosts Shalom Hanoch – Anat Fort’s arrangements of Shalom Hanoch songs for a trio and strings.

World Music – 3 concerts
This year, the successful series, under Idan Raichel’s artistic supervision, will host Sara Tavares, a young, successful and exciting singer-songwriter from Cape Verde; Chambao, a flamenco-electronic band from Malaga, Spain; and The Stars of Sierra Leone.

Golden Saturdays – 5 concerts
Saturday morning concerts featuring arias, duets and ensemble pieces from popular operas: “The ten Sopranos,” “Puccini’s Tragic Heroines,” “Yotam Cohen – Israeli Songs, “Verdi's Birthday” and “Summer Delights”

For children and for the whole family

Sounds of Enchantment – 5 concerts
A multidisciplinary experience for the whole family arranged and hosted by Nitza Shaul and featuring dancers, singers and musicians who invite children to become more closely acquainted with the world of music. This is achieved through stories of composers' childhoods, in song, dance and music. This season will focus on Haydn, Bizet, Johann Strauss, Sasha Argov, and the Venice Carnival. This is the Opera’s flagship series that has been growing together with children for more than 17 years. The shows are held in the Opera House Studio where the children sit on rugs or with the adults around them on chairs. The length of each program is about one hour.

Opera for the Whole Family – 2 shows
Two light operas in Hebrew in the Opera’s large auditorium, featuring an instrument ensemble and stunning sets and costumes, providing an opera experience just like for adults. The length of each opera is about one hour.
• Alice in Wonderland in October 2012
• The Magic Flute in February 2013

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